Synthesis essay example

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Requirements for the design of the essay: the amount of work should not exceed 20-25 pages; work is typed on A 4 sheets; Line spacing 1,5; font Times New Roman, 14 pt; margins on all sides 25 mm; text alignment to the width of the page; automatic text wrapping; for better disclosure of the topic, the abstract text should include Word tables, scientific formulas, drawings and flowcharts executed with the help of the graphical editor Word; text should contain footnotes and references to the list of literature in square brackets. Now the most important thing is that your work should be unique. More recently, you could safely download from the Internet any work you liked, correct it with your clarifications and submit to the court for the teacher. Anyone who at least somehow owned the skills of working on the Internet, absolutely free of charge used the works laid out in open access. This helped significantly save time and effort. Everything changed in 2005 after the creation of the program “Antiplagiat”. She is particularly interested in teachers who want to encourage students to write my essay uk their own texts. Such programs check abstracts for uniqueness, are polyglots and are popular.

Dare, create, experiment and you will succeed!

The report is the simplest paper writer work. At diligent students its writing does not cause difficulties. However, this work has its own structure.

It should contain a title page, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of references and applications (if any).

The title page contains information about the work and its performer. How to make an essay longer?

Introduction substantiates the relevance and relevance of the chosen topic. Its volume should not exceed two pages of text.

In the main part of the work, special attention is paid to practical coverage of the topic. Quotations in the text should be provided with appropriate references. If the figures are given in the work, the source is necessarily indicated. Otherwise, the figure is considered unreliable. If materials are taken from the Internet, you must specify the full address of the Internet resource.

In conclusion, the student must take stock. Express an opinion on the above problems, draw conclusions. At the end of the work the list of used literature is given.

Auxiliary material can be presented in the Appendix. This can be statistical data, tables, calculations, diagrams, figures, graphs. How to make an essay longer?